Social Media Strategy: Keywords, Links & Monetizing Traffic

Last week we discussed the importance of keywords in our post: Social Media Strategy: The Quest for Keywords. We concluded that knowing your target audience is essential to keyword selection, which in turn is crucial to drive traffic to your page.

…but is it enough to have your blog sitting on a single website? Wouldn’t it be best if you could get other sites to link to your article as well? …and how do we accomplish that? Well, it is not that hard. Many communities love to share information and ideas. Because you followed the guidelines of our last article and crafted your message in such a compelling way, it won’t be hard to come up with dozens of sites that may be interested in posting your work.

Now that we got compelling content and all the traffic we wanted, how do we monetize it? There are multiple ways, depending on what your company offers. Even if you don’t offer anything!! If your content is relevant and your advice, reviews and recommendations are sought after by a lot of people you can earn a constant stream of affiliate commissions from the products and services you review. In the long run, promoting products and services for a commission is a good way to build sustainable income from creating online content. Amazon for example, has a large affiliate program. They pay a percentage of their revenues which depends on your sales volume.

Another approach is to put ads on your site. There are companies that will pay you every time someone clicks on their adds on your page. The trick here is making sure that the ads are relevant to your audience and have a high cost per click to earn you a respectable profit. By targeting certain keywords in your content, you can maximize the relevance of the ads. And here we again have the importance of keywords.

Bottom line: if you’re planning to make money from your blog, keywords are essential. They will help you monetize your traffic, as well as optimize your posts to best bring in traffic…and then money.

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