Corporate Development & Strategy

In today’s world it is critical to understand the drivers of competitive advantage and identify future growth opportunities. It is also critical to recognize the right time to transform and transition into expansion mode, and the right growth path. In our experience there are three successful paths to move into sustainable growth. These paths will depend on your initial start-up structure and current state of business.

Three Successful Paths

1. If you have successfully established your business and your company is looking to expand, we can help you build on your current business model. Typical strategies in this case include evaluation of new geographies, new market segments, new outlets, or new categories. This approach is only viable for companies whose market can support multiple phases of growth.

2. You can extend your proven, successful business model into adjacent markets. Companies using this strategy typically include mergers and acquisitions to supplement organic growth. We can help you evaluate M&A options, perform internal competency analysis, culture mapping alignment, and postmerger integration.

3. You can transform your core product into a platform and build an “ecosystem” of complementary products or services around it.

Figuring out the right time to expand is an important management decision. Moving too soon could prevent you from maximizing your initial market capture potential. It could also facilitate competitors to gain market share. Moving into expansion mode too late will cause your growth rate to slow down. Consequences include lower company valuations, and ultimately in the loss of market relevance. We can help you identify and measure the right indicators for these critical transition phases, before loss of key talent and competencies occurs.

We work with you throughout the entire process. We help you develop understanding of your industry’s trends and drivers. We work with your team to evaluate strategic options to achieve the results that best match your objectives. Our approach is both, inside-out and outside-in. Upon completion of due diligence work, we help your team identify the best growth scenarios and align all strategy and operational components.

Our Services

• Strategy formulation and development
• Strategy implementation and execution
• Social media strategy and implementation
• Innovation management and innovation feedback loops
• Corporate portfolio management
• Organic and inorganic growth
• Strategic alliances
• Affiliates and joint ventures
• Mergers and acquisitions
• Product/service phase-out
• Divestitures