Water Infrastructure: Levees, Canals & Dams

Our Levee Services

As an essential first step in providing improved flood protection for communities, levee evaluations are crucial in understanding the current state of levees. Our engineers have extensive experience conducting geotechnical exploration, testing, and analysis of state and federal levees that protect highly populated urban areas (Sacramento, Stockton, Yuba City, New Orleans).

Our technical specialists have reviewed existing levees and dams historical data, near-surface geology, conducted field explorations, performed engineering, stability and seepage analyses, prepared design drawings and specifications, and construction estimates for new dams and levees and for repairing and upgrading existing levees to prevent catastrophic failures to take place.


Our engineers have led the design of a wide variety of Dams, Levees and Canals. A partial list of projects includes:

  • Junction Dam, El Dorado County, CA. 3D non-linear static and dynamic numerical analysis of the variable radius double curvature 550-ft, 170-ft high concrete arch dam for FERC review.
  • Lone Star Dam, Douglas County, KS. Analysis of the progressive slide failure & reconstruction alternatives for the 1,800-ft, 90-ft high, Class 4 Federal Dam under USACE jurisdiction
  • Folsom Dam Joint Federal Project, Auxiliary Spillway, Folsom, CA. Geotechnical Engineer for the 1,100-foot long approach and 3,000-foot long spillway chute.
  • Blue Mounds Spillway and Dam Failure & Reconstruction, Rock County, MN. Analysis of the failure of the 800-ft long, 60-ft high dam.
  • Teck Highland Valley Copper Tailings Storage Facility Dams, British Columbia, Canada. Performance review a and analysis of the 620-ft tall, 1.9 miles long L-L dam and the 315-ft tall, 1-mile long H-H dam.
  • Dam Drain No. 25, Walsh County Water Regional Board (WCWRB) Walsh County, ND. Spillway and dam failure evaluation for the 60-ft high structure.
  • Misicuni Hydroelectric Project, Dam and Palca Utilities Tunnel, Cochabamba, Bolivia. Geotechnical engineer for the numerical modeling for the 390-ft high, 1,500 ft dam and the two-mile long, half mile-deep14-ft equivalent diameter utilities tunnel.
  • HL-4 Dam, Hopewell Mine, Hillsborough County, FL. Lead engineer for design of the new 60-ft high, 2.5-mile long dam.
  • SFM-5 Dam, Hopewell Mine, Hillsborough County, FL. Lead engineer for design of the new 80-ft high, 4.3-mile long dam.
  • Tampa Bay Regional Reservoir, Hillsborough County, FL. Quality Control for the construction of the 90-ft high,
    5-mile above ground reservoir.
  • Challhuahuacho and Chuspiri Dams, Xstrata Copper, Peru, Lead geotechnical engineer for the feasibility study for the
    two roller-compacted concrete (RCC) dams.
  • Non-Urban Levee Evaluation Program, Tehama, Glenn, Butte, Colusa, Yolo, and Sutter counties, California Department of Water Resources (DWR), CA
  • Urban Levee Evaluations Program, South Sacramento Stream Levees, DWR, CA
  • Urban Levee Evaluations Program, Reclamation District (RD) 404 Levees, DWR, CA
  • Non-Urban Levee Evaluations Program, Conceptual Design & Cost Estimating, Colusa, Sacramento & West Bank Levees, DWR, CA
  • Forensic Geotechnical Engineering Analysis, Sunland Park Levee, U.S. and Mexico International Boundary and Water Commission, El Paso, TX.
  • Sacramento River Periodic Inspection, USACE, Sacramento, CA
  • Non-Urban Levee Evaluation Program, Vegetation Evaluation, DWR, CA
  • USACE Sacramento River Levee and Canal Periodic Inspections, CA
  • Levee E, Sheyenne River, City of Lisbon, ND
  • California DWR Delta Risk Management Strategy (DRMS), CA
  • USACE 17th Street Canal (Katrina Levees), LA
  • Fargo-Moorhead Area Diversion Levees and Canals, ND
  • Xcel Energy Levee Hydrofracture Risk Evaluation, Multiple Levees, Fargo, ND
  • USACE Herbert Hoover Dike, FL
  • SFWMD Stormwater Treatment Area Levees (STAs) 5 and 6, FL
  • SFWMD Compartments B and C Levees, FL
  • SFWMD C-11 Canal and Levee system, FL
  • SFWMD Biscayne Bay Deering Estates and Cutler Flow Ways, FL
  • Panama Canal Authority: Panama Canal Expansion (Panama)

Paper and workshop presented at the 30th Annual United States Society on Dams Conference by Dr. Franz Campero, Managing Principal at MEC International

Workshop and guest lecture series on Dam Engineering at the University of Washington. Case Study: Tampa Bay Regional Reservoir (C.W. Bill Young Regional Reservoir) by Dr. Franz Campero, Managing Principal at MEC International