Services to Contractors and the Construction Industry

Dewatering Modeling

Groundwater flow in the vicinity of an excavation varies with time in all 3 dimensions. Assessing dewatering commonly requires the development of complex numerical groundwater models. To fully characterize the groundwater flow we base our approach on geological, structural, and hydrogeological data.

To help contractors, we at MEC utilize the finite-difference software MODFLOW. Our software simulates saturated and unsaturated conditions to generate time dependent water tables. In more complex excavations we utilize seepage face cells and collapsing model grids. These models are used to simulate and evaluate passive inflow to open excavations.

Where excavation stability is a concern, our team utilizes finite element based geo-slope software to generate pore water pressures. These pore water pressures are subsequently imported in a stability model that allows us to determine the excavations’ factors of safety. This helps contractors assess excavation support system needs.

Reasonable Assurance and Certification Services

To satisfy the requirements of Item 9 of the Specific Conditions of Well Permit issued by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP), MEC provides Drilling and Testing services and issues a Reasonable Assurance Report.

We also perform environmental assessments, drainage well permitting services, well drilling and installation, construction dewatering permitting and contaminant assessment.

Building Pad Certification Letters verify that the earth works conducted on proposed development sites were on competent and properly prepared base material and compacted under the supervision of a Professional Engineer, in accordance with the requirements of the Florida Building Code. At MEC, our professional engineers will work with you, provide testing services that verify that the building pad has been prepared in accordance with the geotechnical recommendations and foundations report for the project. For geotechnical and foundations engineering recommendations and services, please refer to our Foundations Engineering page or contact us.

Subsurface Explorations and GeoEnvironmental Drilling

Fully understanding underground conditions is the most critical element of geotechnical, hydrogeologic foundations and geoenvironmental engineering investigations. At MEC we employ a wide range of investigative methods to explore the subsurface, characterize and understand geologic and groundwater conditions. We use both direct and indirect approaches. Our goal in every investigation is to apply the technology and method that best satisfies the needs of the project.

Indirect Methods

The indirect approach acquires information without physically penetrating the ground surface. Such methods include geophysical investigations utilizing electromagnetism and ground penetrating radar. We also utilize geomorphology, aerial photographs, geologic maps, groundwater contour maps, topographic maps and other types of published information to evaluate subsurface conditions.

Direct Methods

A more detailed description of underground conditions at specific locations can be obtained with direct exploration methods. These methods collect information by physically sampling or testing soil, rock and groundwater. The testing and sampling devices are advanced into the ground by drilling methods. The strength characteristics and physical properties of the subsurface profile are measured by in-place testing. Samples are returned to the surface for evaluation and further laboratory testing if necessary.

MEC offers a full-line of Environmental Drilling Services including direct-push, split spoon sampling, shallow and deep monitoring well installation, and piezometer installations. Our in-house rigs employ both rotary fluid and hollow stem auger methods to perform soil borings.

Our value proposition to the construction industry is:
1. Fast response and quick turnaround

2. Quality services

3. Competitive rates

Because we own and operate our drilling equipment, we have a quick response rate and fast turnaround time. In most cases we can mobilize withing 24 to 48 hours after site utility clearance. Owning our equipment allows us to control better our costs and pass on the savings to our clients. The result: some of the most competitive rates in the market.

Our engineers and geologists are registered professionals with over 20 years of experience. Our professionals not only have the experience to back up our work, we also have advanced degrees and specialized training which enables us to utilize state-of-the-art tools, software and knowledge to deliver quality results.

Our Services:

• Sinkhole Studies
• Environmental Drilling
• Rock Coring
• Exfiltration Testing
• Standard Penetration Testing
• Subsurface Soil Investigations
• Foundation Analysis & Recommendations
• Pile Load Test
• Plate Load Test
• Seismic Monitoring
• Monitoring Well Installation
• Recovery Well Installation
• Auger Borings
• Double Ring Infiltrometer Tests
• Exfiltration Tests (FDOT and SFWMD)
• Infiltration Tests (FDOT and SFWMD)
• Muck Probes
• Rock Cores
• Split Spoon Sampling
• Standard Penetration Tests
• Undisturbed Sampling of Soil (Shelby Tube/Split Spoon)
• Specialty Geotechnical Testing
• Ground Penetrating Radar