Rock Mechanics, Rock Testing & Materials Mechanical Characterization

We are expertes in advanced modeling and design of surface and underground mines, dams, and tunnels. Our espertise allow us to understand the end-goal needs of your soil and rock testing programs. MEC’s laboratory experts closely integrate soil and rock testing to provide material parameters that fit your engineering needs. Our specialized soil and rock testing supports the complete characterization of soil and rock’s physical composition, its mechanical, hydrological, and thermal behavior. We perform the full suit of Soil and Rock Mechanics tests. For information about specific soil and rock tests, please contact us at Among our advanced Rock Mechanics testing services we have:

  • Direct Shear – Intact, Sawcut or Natural Joint (up to 3 residual points)   [ASTM D 5607]
  • Direct Shear – Intact, Sawcut or Natural Joint (single points, peak and residual)   [ASTM D 5607]
  • Unconfined Compressive Strength (UCS) peak load only   [ASTM D 7012, Method C]
  • Unconfined Compressive Strength (UCS) stress-strain curve, E, ν   [ASTM D 7012, Method D]
  • Triaxial Compressive Strength, with stress-strain curve, E, ν   [ASTM D 7012, Method B]
  • Unconfined/Triaxial Cyclic Compressive Strength   [ASTM Modified D 7012]
  • Indirect (Brazilian) Split Tensile Strength   [ASTM D 3967]
  • Direct Tensile Strength   [ASTM D 2936]
  • Point Load Test   [ASTM D 5731]
  • Sonic Velocities, unstressed conditions, with E, and ν calculations   [ASTM D 2845]
  • Creep in Triaxial Compression   [ASTM D 7070 Method C]
  • Creep in Uniaxial Compression   [ASTM D 7070 Method A]
  • Schmidt Rebound Hardness   [ASTM C 805]
  • Rock Hardness by Rebound Hammer   [ASTM D 5873]
  • CERCHAR Abrasivity Index   [ASTM D 7625]
  • Thermal Properties Measurement (conductivity, thermal expansion, heat capacity, diffusivity)   [ASTM D 5334, D 5335, D 4611, D 4612]