5 Steps to Maximize your Social Network ROI

We all think we know how to network. I mean, it seems simple on the surface, right? You arrive at the event, well-dressed, grab some drinks and just start working the room. You talk to everyone, exchange information and maybe business cards, and move on. Easy. But what if there was something else you should be doing to maximize the returns of your social network strategy?

In this post, we will examine how to build a personal networking strategy that will maximize your efficiency at these events. This strategy will give you focus, direction, and an overall game plan to take with you to all networking events. A good networking strategy will give you solid goals and well-planned ways to achieve these goals.

Here you have five steps to help you develop a good networking strategy: Read more

Social Media Strategy: Keywords, Links & Monetizing Traffic

Last week we discussed the importance of keywords in our post: Social Media Strategy: The Quest for Keywords. We concluded that knowing your target audience is essential to keyword selection, which in turn is crucial to drive traffic to your page.

…but is it enough to have your blog sitting on a single website? Wouldn’t it be best if you could get other sites to link to your article as well? …and how do we accomplish that? Well, it is not that hard. Many communities love to share information and ideas. Because you followed the guidelines of our last article and crafted your message in such a compelling way, it won’t be hard to come up with dozens of sites that may be interested in posting your work.

Now that we got compelling content and all the traffic we wanted, how do we monetize it? There are multiple ways, depending on what your company offers. Even if you don’t offer anything!! If your content is relevant and your advice, reviews and recommendations are sought after by a lot of people you can earn a constant stream of affiliate commissions from the products and services you review. Read more

Social Media Strategy: The Quest for Keywords

Words are mightier than the sword – true, but some words are more powerful than others. Which ones? Keywords! But why are keywords more powerful than your average word? Keywords are powerful due to their popularity, usefulness, or the idea behind them.

Think about it… word choice is what makes a headline sore to the front page on a news website, word choice is the difference between a blog that receives hundreds of referrals from search engines or none. It is this reason why your social media strategy must have the right words to generate traffic.

How do I know which keywords to use for my specific segment or niche? One approach we use when helping business with their social media strategy is studying your target audience. Find out what words they use, what things they read and write, and what are their drivers. This way you can communicate using their words, their own language. Read more