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Business Plan Template

After hundreds of requests for a business plan template, we decided to post the following business plan template as a guideline to help entrepreneurs identify the basic needs to start their firms. A business plan is an essential roadmap for business success. As such there is no single business plan template that will fulfill every […]

Mining Strategy: Decision Making Models – Part II

Last week, we explored the first steps of the five decision making models for strategic mine management. To refresh your memory, those five models are: Intuition Financial planning Forecast-based planning Shareholder value focus Organizational learning Intuition and financial planning are the foundation for a strong and comprehensive strategy. A deep intuitive understanding of the industry and its […]

Mining Strategy: Decision Making Models

Throughout the history of mining, the challenges facing the industry have always been in flux. Likewise, the guidelines governing mining project development decision making, have needed to adjust as well. However, there are five basic Decision Making Models in strategic management that have remained the same: Intuition Financial planning Forecast-based planning Shareholder value focus Organizational […]

Series on Mining Strategy: How is mining strategy different?

Typical portfolio and asset management firms approach their growth plans as strategic capital allocation. According to this approach, asset management firms evaluate where to put their money based on market analyses and projections. Following this approach, resource companies should worry about which commodity will perform better. Why is this approach the wrong approach for mining […]

The Choices of Technology and Innovation Startups

In general, technology startups are presented with two business models to market their technologies. In both cases, the innovation or technology developer have to protect their intellectual property (IP). There are three different types of IP protection: patents, copyrights, and trademarks. Click here for differences and more details. In this post we discuss the pros […]