MEC International, LLC is a SBA, Federal and State Certified Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB) as defined in 13 CFR 124.1002.

Cutting edge technology, adaptability, experience and diversity. This is what enables MEC to deliver world class sustainable solutions to our clients. We deliver a broad range of services and advice, ranging from environmental permitting, laboratory testing, geomechanics engineering, advanced numerical modeling, water, waste water, groundwater, dam engineering, tunneling engineering, geomechanical characterization, tailings management, mine and site closure and reclamation. Our experienced and highly trained team will ensure you get the best advice, and the highest level of service.

Materials Testing & Mechanical Characterization

Rock mechanics and geomechanical properties characterization provide crucial information needed to understand rock mass behavior and the changes associated with surface and underground operations. Since its inception, MEC has provided advanced materials testing for dozens of clients world-wide. Our laboratory services include strength characterization through triaxial, unconfined compression, direct and indirect (Brazilian) tension, and point load testing. We also deliver thermal properties characterization such as conductivity, thermal expansion, heat capacity, and diffusivity. Our laboratories have provided geomechanical characterization for viscoplastic and squeezing ground though uniaxial and triaxial creep testing. Additionally, with respect to assisting mining operations to predict equipment wear, we also provide rock hardness and abrasivity testing.

Water Infrastructure & Water Resources

MEC water resource seasoned professionals have assisted countless local, state, and federal government agencies in water infrastructure projects such as dams, levees and canals. Our professionals have performed dam, levee and canal analysis, structural evaluations such as spillway and tunnel inspections, and levee evaluations. In addition, we have also consulted on numerous resource planning and development projects.

Our work focuses on engineering, numerical modeling, alternative analysis, feasibility and financial analysis, environmental impact, public outreach, and policy. We feel as comfortable developing and defending our clients’ plans in your conference rooms as in your state and federal elected officials’ office. From water resource development to storage and conveyance, MEC staff has worked on local pipeline replacement projects to representing state water contractors. Our staff is experienced in project funding, and has worked on public private partnerships, in addition to assisting clients in obtaining state and federal funding.

Advanced FEM & FDM 3D Modeling

At MEC, we offer first-hand knowledge of the challenges inherent to numerical modeling. Engineering problems involving soil/rock mechanics, soil/rock-structure interaction, and coupled rock/soil-water effects such as tunnels, dams, and hydro power facilities are our modeling expertise and focus. Our laboratory testing capabilities and rigorous materials testing programs allow us to become intimately familiar with the behavior of the rocks and soils in your projects. The mechanical properties obtained through these testing programs allow us to deliver accurate and practical models so that your operations can continue to move forward efficiently, cost-effectively, and most importantly – safely.

Water Treatment

The increasing scarcity of potable water leads to increased utilization of impacted water sources. MEC engineers and scientists are continually called upon for potable water treatment consulting from technology selection, validation, design, and start-up projects. Our engineers and technicians have performed countless bench tests for proof of concept analysis to technology screening pilots where we provide a clear and all encompassing engineer’s cost estimate. We have the experience to determine true financial net present value of various technologies with regard to not only capital expense, operation and maintenance, but also other often unconsidered concerns. Many of these concerns such as property size, chemical constraints, technology and subsequent material availability, all provide a complete picture for our clients to knowledgeably decide what is in their best interest for both purchase and operation. Our expertise includes membrane separation, advanced oxidation, coagulation/filtration, and adsorptive media, including ion exchange.